Various Types of Masonry Materials

Masonry is often heard but barely few full understand what kind of work it entails. Masonry is basically a work that fuses materials including mortar to hold a structure made of marble, concrete, stone and other materials. When a structure is fused together using mortar, it is masonry work. And when it comes to masonry materials used, there are different types to choose from.

Stone Masonry

Among one of the types of masonry materials is the stone masonry which can be either dressed or undressed stone. The dressed stone gives you a cleaner and a more fluid look in terms of patterns and sizes whereas the undressed stone is more of a rough stone. For many, they prefer the undressed stone masonry as it gives that natural and unique aesthetic appeal. It may sound as if this type of masonry work is messy, but the result is really nice.

Brick Masonry

Among the other materials, brick is considered to be the most popular. And there are good reasons why people prefer it. Bricks are not only nice in terms of aesthetic value; they are also very durable. This explains why a lot of historical structures still stand today. Most of them were built using bricks. Depending on your preference, bricks come in varieties. Bricks are made using water, ash, sand and clay. There are various types of bricks that make use of ingredients which makes it a challenge when you have to match brickwork. You may opt to have traditional blocks if you want the structure to have that classic touch. On the other hand, there are also modern colors and textures if you want the masonry work to complement the modern design of the structure.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete is almost the same with brick although they are bigger which takes lesser time to finish the masonry work. That is why in construction building, concrete blocks are widely preferred and very much popular. Not only do they require less time, in terms of cost concrete blocks are affordable and they are also resistant to fire. Concrete masonry varies in the building material used, shape and size.

So which is the best type of masonry structure? It actually depends on the kind of project you have in mind. If it is a construction building project, then concrete blocks are much affordable and reasonable to have. If it is residential or smaller projects, using bricks or stones would be nice.

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