About Action Masonry

Hello, my name is Dimitrij Stojanov and I am originally from Macedonia. I am now 28 years old and live in the U.S.A. I was never interested in books and learning, but rather making something constructive, visible to the eye. Something that lasts, even for a while. I started working on the construction platform since I’ve finished high-school, at 18 years old. I became so good at brick Masonry that I came to that level that I couldn’t stand to see houses badly built. I always imagined how could those be fixed, and what would I do differently, and where people did mistakes and so on. I was so full of similar questions going on through my head that I decided to make a blog and share my working skills with people! Giving them tips and tricks, advice and answering a lot of questions from people who do not know anything about brick Masonry, but would like to know. I feel like a teacher now!